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I make acoustic guitars that are based on the prewar Martins from the 30’s and 40’, although I have made other types of guitars from other periods in time. These instruments are hand cut, shaped, and assembled using basic shop tools. Each one is unique in character and sound to reflect the person for which it is made. My necks are hand shaped and are custom fitted to the proper shape that best suits the player. All of my guitars are equipped with adjustable truss rods. If preferred, I can equip my guitars with electronics for amplification to suit the desires of the customer.

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The choice of materials for a custom made guitar is perhaps the most exciting aspect of the entire building process. I have learned that there are many great sounding tonewoods available beyond the traditional mahogany, spruce, and rosewood. That being said, I am able to source many different types of tonewood for guitar construction, including the above mentioned traditional woods. I use bone for nuts and saddles, and my guitars are finished with nitrocellulose lacquer or conversion varnish.



Though many luthiers shy away from doing more than basic repairs and set ups, I embrace the idea of doing major repairs and restorations. In my constant quest to learn more about what makes these precious instruments of the golden age sound the way they do, I have committed myself to provide expert quality repair services for musicians in the northwest Georgia area and beyond. My services include neck resets, bridge replication and replacement, fret jobs and fingerboard repair, crack repair, finish touchups, top replacement, and full period appropriate restorations. My 33 years of being a professional piano technician has given me the required skills and patience to restore life to these valuable instruments.

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